The Keto Diet focuses on losing weight by eating foods low in carbohydrates, and some seafood on the buffet line at Seafood House Calabash Buffet fit perfectly into this food plan.

Baked Salmon – This is the No. 1 best seafood choice in our restaurant for the Keto Diet. Salmon is high in the “good” fats, or Omega 3s, that fit perfectly into low carb dining. And our whole sides of salmon are delicious – moist and flavorful.

Crab Legs – Crab is extremely low in carbs, and you can enjoy them with no guilt!

Oysters – Oysters on the half shell and steamed oysters are also great for keto diets, since there are barely any carbs in them.

Scallops – Our succulent and plump scallops are baked and seared – no added carbs!

Shrimp – Yes, you can have yummy steamed shrimp – peel, eat and repeat!

So come with your family to Seafood House Calabash Buffet when you’re in Myrtle Beach, where you can eat hearty and healthy!

Seafood House Calabash Buffet is at 2000 Highway 17 Business North in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. With more than 200 items on the buffet, including crab legs, prime rib, scallops, oysters, shrimp, southern cooking, salad and dessert bars and much more, everyone in your party will find dishes to love. Servers are dressed as pirates, and the buffet line looks like a wooden sailing ship! In summer, mermaids swim under an indoor waterfall.