The crispy and plump fried shrimp that Calabash Seafood House Buffet is known for has its roots in a small fishing village just over the state line into North Carolina.

The small town of Calabash, NC, which is located by the Calabash River, had settlers in the area since the late 1600s. In 1883, with the opening of a post office, the community was officially named Calabash.

Many shrimp boats dock in Calabash, and naturally restaurants opened to cook and serve the plump and delicious shrimp. A light and crispy style of fried shrimp developed that uses a kiss of cornmeal or corn flour in the coating.

This is the style of Calabash Shrimp served at Seafood House – Piping hot bite-size shrimp that are fried to a delectable crunch. And since it’s a buffet restaurant, you can eat all the Calabash Shrimp you like accompanied by cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and fresh lemon.

Seafood House, which has a 105-foot buffet that looks like a wooden sailing ship, also serves prime rib, oysters, stuffed shrimp, scallops, flounder, steamed shrimp, southern cooking, salads, sides and desserts. It’s located at 2000 Highway 17 Business North in Surfside Beach, just minutes from oceanfront hotels in Myrtle Beach.