Offering the largest buffet on the strand, we serve everything from delectable seafood to slow-roasted prime ribs and boast the best Alaskan Crab Legs on the beach.

We are a family oriented restaurant focusing on good food, clean surroundings and family fun. At first glance you will find us inviting but please do not stop there. Come in and join us, be our guest for the evening. Let us feed and entertain you. Come see our cannons fire, our mermaids swimming in a pool, and explosions ignite the walls with light! For good fun and great food please be our guests aboard the Seafood House, an adventure you’ll want to visit time and time again!

Our Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful restaurant, but due to neglect she became tattered and torn eventually closing her doors and her eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

For many years she remained asleep until two gentleman saw her and realized how beautiful she was and could be again. Working diligently, month after month, these two gentlemen not only restored her but adorned her with beautiful ornaments which made her happy. Once again she opened her eyes, smiled and began her new life.

It was on March 14 2011, that the new Seafood House introduced herself as the newest addition to the Grand Strand, under new ownership and management.